In an Our Daily Bread item from the early 1960’s, Dr. M.R. DeHaan wrote this about his fading health:

The Owner of the “house” I have occupied here on Earth has served notice that I must soon move out. He will not make many more repairs — since I am going to vacate it anyway. The foundation is crumbling, the roof leaks, the heating is failing, and the windows are getting dim. The steps are getting shaky and the hinges are getting rusty and squeaky.

Yet he added that he didn’t dread the thought of “moving”. He continued,

I have been overwhelmed by the innumerable advantages of that new Home over this old one; so much so that now instead of dreading it, I am beginning to get anxious to move. If it were not for a few things I still have to do, I would want to move pronto. 

Dr. DeHaan’s attitude is the kind of outlook I want to cultivate in my own life. He saw life from the correct perspective: that of eternity. He saw his physical body as a temporary residence, and he saw Heaven as it really was: real, true, and just around the corner.

Do you see Heaven as it really is? Do you picture the day God will wipe the tears from your eyes and give you a new body? Why don’t you take a minute to meditate on Heaven? It will make your time here on Earth much easier to bear.

The best is yet to be. – John Wesley

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder