We can learn so much from children. I remember watching a basketball game that was keeping the crowd in suspense. Both teams went back and forth until the final buzzer sounded. Fortunately for our school, we won. But I will never forget seeing one of the young players on the bench celebrating as if the team had won the national championship.

If you asked the young man how many points he scored, he couldn’t tell you. As for his other stats, he wouldn’t have even made a blip in a scout’s radar. He wasn’t the water boy. He wasn’t the coach’s assistant. In fact, he didn’t even play in the game. But he was on the winning team, and he took part in the victory.

So it is in ministry. God has called all-stars, water boys, coaches, assistants, and bench warmers alike to make up the body of Christ. Every member of the body runs together in the Grace Race. As members of one body, we shed tears over the setbacks, bear the crosses, and savor the ultimate victory—together. The greatest consolation is the fact we are on the winning team because we are in Christ.

Regardless of how much you can contribute, you are a significant member of the team. So get to work, Christian. There is no time to make excuses about your inadequacies or your past failures. We have a Grace Race to run, and we’re in it together. If we want to hear cheers at the end, it will take much blood and sweat. Start running today.

If you would have a clear evidence that that little love, that little faith, that little zeal, you have is true, then live up to that love, live up to that faith, live up to that zeal that you have; and this will be evidence beyond all contradiction. — Thomas Brooks

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.