Take a moment and think about all that goes into making eyesight possible. A functional eye requires a retina into which light falls. Information received here is turned into a coded electrical signal, which is transmitted to the brain by the optic nerve. Then part of the brain decodes the signal. Besides all of this, the eye requires a lens to focus the light, a cornea to refract the light, and muscles to direct the eye’s movement. Without any one component, each of which is itself very complicated, we would not see.

If evolution is true, which was added first: a lens to focus, or a brain to understand the information in view? Information is of no use if you can’t understand it. So does this mean the brain evolved before the eye? No. You would need to have a complete eye before you could see. This means the eye must have been created complete.

Most of us were taught evolution in school. Our teachers made us believe we were just the product of random selection. But when you look a little bit deeper at the amazing complexity of life, you can’t help but conclude there’s a God Who created it all—and He didn’t use evolution to create it, either. The balance of creation shows us God is a God of order and organization. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The next time you think you’re insignificant in God’s plan, think about the care He took in creating you. Be sure to thank Him for the way each of your members is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Lord, purge our eyes to see . . . Beyond all creatures, Thee. — Christina Rossetti

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder