What kind of Jesus is popular today? David Brooks writes about modern spirituality in the New York Times:

Here sins are not washed away. Instead, hurt is washed away. The language of good and evil is replaced by the language of trauma and recovery. There is no vice and virtue, no moral framework to locate the individual within the cosmic infinity of the universe. Instead there are just the right emotions—Do you feel good about yourself?—buttressed by an endless string of vague bromides about how special each person is, and how much we are all mystically connected in the flowing river of life.

Brooks has really hit on something. Spirituality may be at an all-time high in our country, but what about true Christianity? What happens when you mention Jesus Christ—that He’s the only Way, Truth, and Life? The reaction seems to be one of mockery, scorn, and even hatred. You’re labeled an extremist. It’s okay to name Jesus as one of many other ways to Heaven, but The Only Way? That’s a different story.

To avoid the assault on our faith, the temptation for us as believers is to abandon the hard truths of the Bible and embrace the more mainstream, wishy-washy spirituality. It’s not always fun to be a “peculiar people”. It’s much easier to make our religion more palatable and more amenable so that we forget the core doctrines and truths of Scripture.

But we know that the only true happiness and peace is found in clinging to the teachings of Jesus and Him alone. This is the truth that will set us free.

Pray that God would give you the strength to stand for righteousness—even in the midst of an ungodly society.

Christians shouldn’t be surprised by persecution, but should expect it. We should proudly bear the marks of a soldier of the gospel. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder