What a world this would be if everybody took the credit for their mistakes! Adam and Eve got us started with the “blame game”. Do you remember when God confronted Adam about his disobedience? The first thing he did was blame God for giving him the woman who influenced him to sin. Then God spoke with Eve, and she immediately blamed God for creating the serpent which deceived her. We’ve been shifting the blame ever since.

Do you notice I said Adam blamed God—not Eve—for his sin, and Eve blamed God— not the serpent—for her sin? In shifting the blame, both Adam and Eve placed the responsibility for their actions on God, Who allowed the whole situation to take place. That’s a really dangerous thing to do.

Until we accept the blame for our faults and sins, we will never get forgiveness from God. Before salvation, we tell people to acknowledge they are sinners so they can trust Christ to save and forgive them. After salvation, Christians still need to acknowledge their sin so their fellowship with God will be restored.

Christian, you have to realize your sin problem is not because of your father, your mother, or your circumstances. These influences might have steered you down the path toward sin, but don’t blame them—you can’t hold God responsible. Each of us has a sinful heart, and God won’t heal us until we admit it.

Confess your sins, not your neighbors’. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder