What does a real Christian look like? A 40 year-old wealthy man had to be rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack at a local gym. In the emergency room, the man had a vision of Heaven.

As he stood at the pearly gates, he was greeted by St. Peter. The apostle told him, “You will survive this surgery and live 20 more years.”

The man had no sooner come to his senses after the surgery than he scheduled an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to do a complete facial reconstruction. After the plastic surgery, the man walked across the street to his parked car, only to be hit by a motorist and instantly killed.

In Heaven, the man asked St. Peter, “What happened? I thought you said I have 20 more years.”

The apostle said, “Sorry, we couldn’t recognize you.”

Is your faith recognizable to the world around you? If it isn’t, you’re not living life to the fullest. One test is the way you perform small tasks. Little things done to the glory of God can have a far-reaching impact in the world. Faithfulness in the “small stuff” makes for a powerful witness for Jesus Christ.

But far too often we limit our ministry potential by being unwilling to serve. We complain of unfair treatment or bristle because of a demanding superior. We give a half-hearted effort because we feel the boss doesn’t notice our efforts and doesn’t care. This attitude pulses like a negative current through everything we do, effectively killing off any enthusiasm that might otherwise have been generated by our service.

Do you want to live life to the fullest? Then serve like a real Christian at home, at work, at church — it doesn’t matter how or where. Determine you will use what God has given you to the fullest today.

I would not give much for all that can be done by sermons, if we do not preach Christ by our lives. — D.L. Moody

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.