Over the years, I’ve talked to many children and asked them, “Are you going to Heaven when you die?” They would usually say yes, so I’d ask them why.

“Because I took Jesus right here,” and they would point to their hearts.

Then I’d ask, “What happens if you die before you confess your sins?”

“Then you go to Hell.” They obviously didn’t understand Jesus paid for all their sins.

Although the Bible uses the word ‘heart’ 830 times, it never says we are to take Jesus in our hearts to be saved. A lot of well-meaning preachers invite people to do this, but that isn’t the gospel. Salvation is when you trust, depend, or rely upon Christ alone to get to Heaven.

Someone once told me, “Pastor, you’re right about [using this term], but I say it anyway.” Why would you share something as important as the gospel in a way that isn’t clearly understood? We may only have one chance to share the gospel with someone, and we need to make it as clear as possible so they can trust Christ.

The issue is more than simply our choice of words. People’s eternal souls are at stake. Are you willing to risk keeping someone out of Heaven because you didn’t make the gospel clear? This is the heart of the matter. Let’s make a commitment to the clear gospel of grace—and let’s keep it clear.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is news, good news: the best and most important news that any human being ever hears. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder