Why are more people watching Victory In Grace than ever before?

The answer may surprise you. We are finding more and more people watch our program and call in because we are not asking for money. In fact, we have seen a record amount of feedback and more people getting saved from our show since we decided to stop asking for donations.

We have not only seen the Lord bless in this area, but we have also seen Him provide in other ways. Although people are not sending in money as they would if we asked for it, through some miraculous means, the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church has been able to make up the huge gap between our donations and operating expenses.

Friends, you are part of everything happening here at Quentin Road and Victory In Grace, even without monetary donations. Through your prayers, great things are being accomplished.

There are times when I consider how we only hear from a fraction of the people watching. Everywhere I go, people share with me that they had accepted Christ through watching the program, but they never called in to let us know. There are so many souls accepting Christ we do not even know about. But praise the Lord, in the glory of eternity we will see the countless lives forever changed by the clear gospel.

I cannot wait to see all the faces of those ministered to by Victory In Grace. Can you imagine what that day will be like?

Perhaps you have been struggling with soul-winning. Maybe your attempts at sharing the gospel have been rejected. Friend, don’t lose hope. Focus on the faces.

Looking forward to His Glorious Appearing,

Dr. James A. Scudder