Today’s Scripture: Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

Back in the 1980’s, after much scrimping and saving, a young Oklahoman bought a railway ticket to Chicago. The young man packed all of his worldly possessions into two cardboard suitcases and left his home in Tulsa. He was determined to make his fortune in the world.

After a long train ride, the young man, who would go on to become a heavyweight boxer by the name of James (Quick) Tillis, stepped off the train and into downtown Chicago. James looked around at the sights and sounds of the city and his gaze was immediately drawn to the Sears Tower. He put his suitcases down, puffed out his chest and announced for all the world to hear: “I’m going to conquer Chicago!”

When he looked down, both of his suitcases were gone.

This humorous story tells us everything about the dangers of pride. Pride convinces us that we are better than we really are and makes us feel invincible. In doing so, it blinds us to the temptations of our sin nature and the devil’s snares. Since we are unaware of the threats we face from within and without of ourselves, we become easy prey for that which would lead us astray. We would do well to remain humble and firmly focused upon Jesus Christ so that we can properly guard our hearts from iniquity.

Oftentimes, when we feel the most confident, we are most vulnerable. We must be aware of this fact so that we protect ourselves from the dangers of pride and arrogance.

Regular self-examination, such as that which is done during the observance of the Lord’s Supper, is a very healthy thing. It keeps us honest with ourselves and with our Savior so that we can confess and remove any little sin or area of weakness before it becomes a major problem. It allows us to stop problems before they start.

Christian, don’t let pride ruin you. Remember that everything you are is because of Christ and focus upon giving glory and honor to Him. Then you will be preserved in future trials and tribulations.

Devotional by Pastor CJ Armstrong