Years ago, a Fishing Club member’s husband died. They had had a wonderful relationship; so when her husband died, she was more lonely than she ever thought she would be. She wrote Victory In Grace and asked for prayer. My son-in-law, Neal, arranged for another Fishing Club member who had suffered a similar loss to write and pray for her. Being called to action, however small, has helped both of them.

When David realized that his wives and the wives of his men had been kidnapped, he wept until he had no tears left. Then he knew the Lord was with him, and he encouraged himself in the Lord. Now David asked the Lord what he needed to do next.

God showed David that he needed to pursue the men who had kidnapped the women. God gave David a call to action.

But what if David had never inquired of the Lord what he should do next? What if David had looked at the situation and said, “Everything is hopeless, I don’t feel like doing anything about it. The women are probably all dead anyway.”

You might be thinking, “That is ridiculous — of course David needed guidance from the Lord on what to do next! The poor women! How must they be feeling?” And yet many times we are so paralyzed by grief, frustration, or discouragement that we simply forget to ask the Lord what we should do next.

Grief is very real. But maybe now is the time to ask God for guidance.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder