Patriotic DVD & CD Bundle

As a thank you for your gift of $25 or more, Pastor Scudder would like to send you 25 Flag Tracts, our “Is America a Christian Nation?” CD Pack, as well as “America’s Christian History” on DVD.

Minimum Price: $25.00


Just as Old Glory is an icon of freedom to the citizens of the United States, the cross is a banner of freedom to Christians. Two-thousand years ago, the Lord of Glory gave His life to free us from the penalty and power of our sins. In Grace Ministries has portrayed this in our latest gospel tract, the Flag Tract. Now you can share with others the eternal freedom found only in the power of the cross.

“America’s Christian History” is a 2 Part Series by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.

Part 1 – Foundation of a Nation
While in Washington, D.C., Jim Scudder, Jr. examines the lives of some of our nations most prominent leaders to determine the part that God played in the foundation of a nation.

Part 2 – The King of King’s Mountain
In this exciting episode, Jim Scudder, Jr. is joined by Dr. Phil Stringer in South Carolina to see the battleground of the turning point of the War for Independence – King’s Mountain.