Today’s Scripture: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. PhilippiansĀ 4:13

Cancer can shatter a person’s hopes and dreams and obliterate their will to live. We have a member of our congregation who is battling cancer right now. Rather than succumb to fear and bitterness, she has used each doctor visit, each checkup, and each chemo treatment to win someone to the Lord. In the midst of this painful trial, she is focused on what she can do for a lost and dying world instead of the cancer. Her amazing life stands as a challenge to each of us. Her perspective is that this cancer was brought into her life for a purpose, and she is going to use it to its fullest. Instead of seeing the problem with her health, she sees the potential to gain a soul. In her eyes, it’s “I can win someone because of this.”

What about us? How badly do we want to win souls? Are we ready to use every situation we can in order to win someone else to Christ?

Often, we are so focused on our petty, earthly problems that we forget about man’s eternal destination. It is not an easy task to set aside the stress of everyday life, the burdensome trials, the unknowns, and the hopes we have for the future. But, the truth is that by God’s grace, we can.

We must use everything God sends our way as an opportunity to share Christ and glorify Him. We have the choice of how we are going to look at life when we wake up each morning. We can choose to sink in the mire of self-pity and worry, or we can realize our purpose and reach the world.

I’m sure you are facing your own trial today. Everyone has their own cancer, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. Friend, God will carry you. You can’t do it, but He can. Keep the big picture in mind through these battles. When you are genuine, people will know God is with you, and they will see Him working in your life. You will not only glorify Him, but you can also win someone that could not have been won any other way. You will never know unless you use it ALL-every trial, every heartache, every circumstance. See what you can do through your God today.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.