Before you give up on God, watch and wait. The year was 1848. A woman and her husband were busy serving the Lord on the mission field when tragedy struck. The woman’s husband died. With only a parcel of land in Australia to her name, the woman struggled to meet her financial needs.

The woman asked a friend to attempt to sell the land so she could survive on the profits. He tried, but he encountered difficulty and was unable to sell the parcel. The woman couldn’t understand. First God had taken her husband away after they had faithfully served the Lord together. Now she desperately needed money to continue serving the Lord on the mission field, and she literally could not sell the land to save her life. She asked God why.

Years later, the woman got her answer. Gold had been found in Australia, and the parcel of land she owned became the entrance to the shaft of a gold mine. The Australian government bought it from her, making her an instant millionaire. God had been faithful after all.

Sometimes we cannot understand God’s purpose behind our circumstances, and we ask Him why He has chosen the strange path we have taken. It is tempting to give up on Him in these times, but we must learn to trust in His wisdom. We must trust in His love, which desires the best for us. We must trust in His power, which renders nothing impossible. He has yet to fail His children.

You might not have the luxury of being able to see the end of your circumstances from your vantage point. God does. You might feel like He has abandoned you in your time of greatest need. He hasn’t. Keep your eyes open as you wait for your change to come. He is faithful, and He will take care of you.


When you don’t understand/When you don’t see His plan/When you can’t trace His hand/Trust His heart. (Lyrics by Babbie Mason) Learn how to trust God’s heart when life hurts in Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.’s newest book.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.