Guest Author
Pastor C.J. Armstrong
Associate Pastor – Bloomington Baptist Church, Bloomington, Illinois

Today’s Scripture: Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11

To celebrate their wedding anniversary, Michael and Abigail went to a very high-end restaurant. The two enjoyed their time together and relished the quality items on the menu. When their evening was concluded, Michael opened his wallet to pay the bill. He took one look inside his billfold and gasped.

“What’s wrong?” His wife asked, concerned. “You look pale.”

“Well, you know how our son gave us a gift card to pay for everything?” Michael asked.

“Right. He gave it to us yesterday.”

Michael winced. “I forgot to pick it up. It’s still sitting on the kitchen counter.”

Most of us have probably had a similar experience, albeit hopefully not under such expensive circumstances. We’ve all misplaced or forgotten items and failed to realize it until they were needed. This doesn’t change the fact that the misplaced items belonged to us or were available to us. It simply means that because our belongings weren’t where we needed them to be, they were unable to help us at a crucial moment.

So often, it’s the same with the things of God. God’s wisdom and instruction is readily available to us through His Word, but because we don’t hide God’s Word in our heart, where it’s supposed to be, it is often unable to help or guide us when we need it the most. We then miss out on God’s direction and leading, not because God is leaving us to our own devices, but because we’ve left God’s Word on the kitchen counter instead of putting it to work within our lives.

The ‘heart’ referred to in our text verse today isn’t the organ that pumps your blood. It’s referring to the heart of man: the mind, will and emotions. The word ‘hide’ means to ‘hoard, reserve, and protect’. When we hoard something within our mind, will and emotions, we are considering, studying and becoming familiar with it. Why? So that we do not forget about it. Thus, we are to regularly study and contemplate God’s Word– throughout our day– so that when a situation arises in which we need God’s leading, we have it on hand to deal with the situation.

Don’t leave God’s Word behind on the kitchen counter. Put it within you and keep it fresh. That way you’ll receive the help and comfort that God’s Word can give you right when you need it the most.