Today’s Scripture: My soul melteth for heaviness: strengthen thou me according unto thy word. Psalm 119:28

Do you remember the alarm clock you had as a kid — you know, the one with the round face and the small, golden bells on top? At the back of this clock was a little dial you had to twist to wind the clock up. Once you twisted the little dial as far as it would go, the clock would be able to keep time on its own. The problem with these clocks was that if someone was not there to wind them up when they ran down, they would not work.

Some people think life is like one of these wind-up alarm clocks — and they’re right, to some degree (we do have to be spiritually wound up from time to time). But they make the mistake of believing God winds us up, gives us life, and then leaves us alone without giving any additional input. If God allowed our lives to work this way, then we wouldn’t experience any spiritual growth as the years passed. We would constantly be winding down, never learning, improving, or making any forward progress.

God has not left us to go through life on our own. He knows that we need a fresh supply of His provision every day, or we will run down. To help us, He has given us His Word, godly Christians, the church, and the Holy Spirit. The more time we spend with these influences, the more we will be wound up and ready to carry out God’s work each day.

You might be feeling like the run-down alarm clock. Maybe you don’t have the same excitement you once had about the things of God. You find yourself drawn to your old friends and lifestyle. Your faith has all but vanished. You are easily distracted from spending time in God’s Word and prayer. You have begun to feel that your circumstances are bigger than God. What you need is a fresh winding up. Talk to God about your spiritual condition. He will wind you up and help you get ready for another day.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder