Today’s Scripture: And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose, and came and drew nigh to meet David, that David hasted, and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine. 1¬†Samuel¬†17:48

When we face something we know God wants us to do, how are we supposed to react when the situation presents itself? We may know what God wants, yet sometimes we still decide against it or regretfully submit and obey. This is not how we are to follow God – we are to eagerly accept the challenges we may face knowing that God is with us.

David went to the battlefield to bring food and supplies to his brothers, yet when he saw Goliath defying God, he knew someone had to act. Though David was a youth, he knew that God was on his side. When Goliath saw David, he cursed him, but David responded that the battle was the LORD’s and that God would deliver Goliath into his hands.

David was confident, not in himself, nor his strength, nor his accuracy with a sling, but in the LORD. He knew God would show Himself if he just made himself available. David was so confident that he hasted and ran toward the army. Not content with waiting for God to do something while he stood on and watched, David knew that God uses the people who are willing to go out and face the battle. David ran knowing that it was God who would fight the battle and God who would give him the victory.

One battle we face that we must win is in the battle for souls. Just as David knew the battle was the LORD’s, this battle is the LORD’s as well. We don’t have the power to win this battle, but God does. That’s not our job. Our job is to go. Just as God needed someone to go and stand up against Goliath in the name of the LORD, we need to go and stand for God and share His message of salvation with the world.

Unfortunately, many Christians are like the army of Israel. They have the weapons, but they are too afraid to go out and face the battle. They cower on the sidelines hoping someone else will go fight the battle. However, a great victory occurred when one willing person trusted the LORD enough to go face the enemy. We have the Word of God, yet sometimes we are afraid of what others will think of us if we share the gospel with them. We need to realize how many battles could be won if we would only step out in faith. We have the LORD on our side, so let’s get out into the world with confidence in our God.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.