Imagine spending the first 30 years of your life in total blindness. Then on your 31st birthday, a doctor uses a medical breakthrough to restore your sight. How would you spend the rest of your life?

In Long Island, New York, there lived a softspoken man who could often be found at the railroad station. He went from car to car with a strange-but-urgent message burning in his heart: “If any of your friends are blind, tell them to consult Dr. Garro.” Dr. Garro had restored this man’s sight, and he wanted others to share his experience.

The Long Island man was an evangelist in his own right. He had a message to share, and he had the boldness to share it. He did not let his softspoken personality become a handicap. The urgency of his message superseded his personal shortcomings, and the words flowed naturally.

If you would be an effective witness for Jesus Christ, all you need is a message and the boldness to share it. You might be fearful or have a host of other shortcomings, but the urgency of your message will override your limitations. Remember the Doctor who has restored your spiritual sight, and speak up so that others will also see the truth.

Has the Lord Jesus helped you receive sight? Has He given you a deeper understanding of spiritual truths? Is He guiding you through a time of brokenness or a difficult trial? Has He encouraged your heart with peace and assurance? If you have any heart for the welfare of others, then tell them what the Lord can do for them. Cast your fears aside, and boldly proclaim His name today.


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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.