Today’s Scripture: But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Matthew¬†10:30

Roller coasters are powered by gravity. As the train of cars on a coaster is pulled by a cable to the top of the first hill, potential energy is introduced into the system. Once the train descends the hill, potential energy converts into kinetic energy. That’s why even the most awe-inspiring coasters usually start with the biggest drop; the train has to build up enough energy for the entire ride.

The Russians first invented roller coasters in the 15th century. They weren’t called “scream machines” then, but people would climb up five stories in order to climb into an ice block sled outfitted with a straw seat.

Now, the technological advances of the new coaster boom use electromagnetic waves to propel the coaster into launch, bypassing the need for chain-driven lift hills and gravity drops.

No question about it, life’s twists and turns are like a roller coaster. Except that we can’t get off…unless God wants us to. This can be very difficult and wear on our spirits unless we learn to trust our Father.

Is life feeling rather topsy-turvy? Do you think you are about to go over the biggest drop? Take a moment and give your life over to God. Trust Him to keep you riding through even the most difficult times.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.