We all get irritated by some of the crazy things people do. Perhaps nothing irritates us more than people who are distracted while driving. Here are some examples of the strange things people have done behind the wheel:

  1. Blow dry hair by using the heat vents
  2. Talk to a mannequin head sitting in the passenger seat
  3. Talk on two cell phones at one time
  4. Brush teeth with toothpaste and a glass of water
  5. Clip toenails
  6. Read the newspaper with it stretched out over the steering wheel
  7. Steer with their knees
  8. Lean to one side while having both feet on the dashboard
  9. Have the left foot hang out the driver’s window
  10. Shave face with a razor blade AND shaving cream

As we interact with other people, even in the church, we will sometimes get irritated by the things they do. (Hopefully, none of the people at your church do any of the things I listed above while driving.) They may have some personality or attitude problems. They may be proud, controlling, insincere, insecure, prejudiced, resentful, stubborn, self-centered, irritable, deceitful, aggressive, manipulative, or oversensitive. They may hurt you, betray you, annoy you, and let you down from time to time. But before you pack your bags and leave your church, family, or workplace, try this: 1. Thank God for your pains, and 2. Look beyond a person’s faults and see their goodness (everyone has at least one good point about them). You will find peace in this fresh perspective.

Has someone done something which irritated you this week? This month? This year? Try thanking God for allowing the situation to stretch your faith. Then think about the good things the difficult person is doing, and praise God for them. Irritation loses its power to control you the minute you give thanks. Try it today.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder