We might not be commuting to work in spaceships like the producer of the Jetsons envisioned, but we are not very far off. Technology has made it possible for automobiles to drive and park themselves, make automatic corrections to steering when you drift into another lane, maintain a set distance from the car in front of you, automatically apply the brakes, and lower your speed when you get too close.

Autonomic systems are also showing up in airplanes and revolutionizing the autopilot feature. As an airplane enthusiast, I had to check out this new technology for myself, so I learned about the DFC90 autopilot system by Avidyne. The system utilizes complex programming which is designed to prevent stalls and overspeeds, provide monitoring and alerting when the autopilot is off, and automatically enable the plane to adjust its position when it is operating at an unsafe altitude. The end result is a safer flight experience and fewer accidents.

Sometimes we all need a little extra input to land safely in God’s will. The Word of God makes for a very effective autopilot as we navigate through life. It helps us adjust our speed when we are going too fast or too slow; it shows us when we are drifting off course; it warns us when we are engaging in behavior which is harmful; it corrects us when we are wrong; and it encourages us when we are doing what is right. In short, the Bible is everything a Christian needs to know and follow God’s will. We need only to use it to experience its benefits.

Pick an area in your life: your past; your relationship with your boss and co-workers; your dreams and desires; the problems and obstacles you wrestle with in the present; your needs; your feelings; your pains; your secret sins; your future. The Word of God has truth to guide you in each of these areas. The question is, will you use it? It is the best Autopilot on the market. You cannot have a safe flight without it.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.