Some Christians are a lot like Siamese Fighting Fish (also known as bettas). When these fish see themselves in a mirror, they attack their reflection or get stressed out by the image they see. The bettas often mistake their reflection for another betta which has entered their territory, causing them to flare their gills and attack the image. Because they have never seen themselves in a mirror, they cannot accept the reality of their appearance.

When Christians don’t look in the mirror of God’s Word, they are surprised and stressed out when God chastens them and confronts them with the reality of who they really are. As a result, they end up fighting themselves and others who try to help them grow. What they don’t realize is the fact they cannot grow until they accept reality. This brings them back to the Bible. Once they accept what it says, God is able to change them into the image of Christ.

If you want reality, go look in the mirror. What you see is who you really are — not what others say about you, what they think about you, or what you want them to say or think, but the real you. Mirrors don’t lie. Neither does God’s Word. It will uncover your motives, shed light on your innermost feelings, and uproot your deepest convictions. Are you struggling with anger or depression? Read the Psalms for encouragement. Have you lost your joy and peace? Read Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Let the Word begin its penetrating work in you today.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder