Raising your hands above your head isn’t very hard until you try to hold them there. As a basketball coach, I had the high school boys run lap after lap with their hands over their heads. I could usually get them to start bawling by Lap 5.

If young men in their early to late teens struggle to keep their hands elevated, then imagine how Moses must have felt keeping his hands elevated while in his eighties. As a battle raged between the forces of Israel and the armies of the Amalekites in the wilderness, Moses took a position atop a hill where he could survey the action. Standing erect with the rod of God clenched between his fingers, Moses raised his hands toward the sky. This gesture caused Israel to prosper against the enemy. But the aging leader soon grew weary, and his arms dropped to his side. The tide of the battle turned in the Amalekites’ favor.

Aaron and Hur, who accompanied Moses to his hilltop encampment, observed what was happening. Determined to will their leader to victory, they brought a large rock for Moses to sit upon and literally held his hands up until Israel had won the battle.

Every leader gets tired from time to time, especially spiritual leaders. Thus it falls upon the leader’s supporters to uphold his hands, to engage in his battles, and to shoulder his burdens vicariously through prayer so he can continue in the work. When victory has been clinched, they will have the joy of partaking in his exultation.

Are there spiritual leaders in your life who need someone to uphold their hands? You may know a Christian mentor who is going through a difficult time right now. A pastor may be experiencing a great trial at the church or in his family. Take time to uphold them in prayer today, and victory will be certain.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.