On June 28th, 2012, the Supreme Court made an announcement which may change the course of US history forever. In a 5–4 vote, President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act passed. This law is designed to provide healthcare to the millions of Americans who are unable to afford it and solve many of the problems with the current medical system. Here is what one doctor had to say about the way this will affect the medical system:

Affordable access to healthcare misses the mark when patients must wait weeks to see a physician. As more individuals receive medical insurance, the demand for timely provider access also increases. Unfortunately, the number of students choosing to pursue careers in family medicine has fallen in recent years and the thought of meeting a rising demand overwhelms many physicians who are currently practicing.*

Regardless of the way you view the President’s health care law, one thing is clear: it will cause us to lose some of our freedom as American citizens. If the government is able to tell us to do what it feels is best for us in this area, then it won’t be long before it starts to make other decisions for us. We wonder, why has God allowed this to happen in our great country?

Our real question should be, why does God allow any good things to happen to bad people like us? God doesn’t owe us anything. We are sinners, and He is a perfect God. We deserve to spend eternity in Hell. Instead of asking why when we’re disappointed by our circumstances, we should praise God for not giving us what we deserve. Yes, things could always be a whole lot worse.

Maybe you’ve recently lost your job, or you’ve spent most of your retirement income on medical expenses. Your friends have left you, and you’re discouraged because this isn’t what you expected from life. Have you thanked God for His mercies towards you yet? Before you begin to question Him, let words of praise leave your lips. I guarantee this will change your outlook.


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Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder