What would you do if you were a chaplain in the White House and you found out the President had committed adultery with his brother’s wife? When John the Baptist found out that King Herod had committed adultery with Herod’s brother’s wife, he didn’t try to think up a politically correct answer. John didn’t get some advisors together and see what his chances of survival were if he spoke out against Herod’s sin. I bet he didn’t even have to think long and hard about what to say.

John directly confronted the king, risking his life and ministry for the truth. He lost both. But a long time before, he had decided he wasn’t going to preach so people would like him. He would preach the Word of God. That’s what ministry is all about.

Ministry isn’t for wimps. You might ask, Well, couldn’t anyone get up in front of people and talk about spiritual things? Sure, but that isn’t ministry. Ministry means that sometimes the people you have worked so hard to love and protect won’t like you because you have told them the truth — and you have to find a way to keep on preaching. It takes a special kind of person to do this. It takes someone with courage to speak the truth, even when he has to stand alone. Someone who has a backbone strong enough to withstand the rage of his enemies when he confronts them about their sin — someone like John the Baptist.

Perhaps you are in ministry, and you can relate to the difficulties of standing for God’s truth. I encourage you to keep on standing. You might be married to a pastor who is serving on the front lines of ministry. I challenge you to love and support him as he stands. Maybe your pastor has been going through a hard time because of a stand he has taken for the truth. Stand with him and pray for him. Ministry isn’t for wimps, so be strong and do your part to keep the truth alive.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder