A young woman showed up for work at a nursing home. Her job was to go to all the residents and ask them questions about their lives. The idea was to help the staff understand more about their backgrounds. Wendy Lustbader took her job seriously and soon realized that there was much she’d learned from the residents. She compiled her findings in a book called, What’s Worth Knowing.

Here is what Bernice Miller, age 61, said:

When I was thirty, I was in a wicked car accident. For nine months I was stuck in a body cast, chest to my toes. I didn’t know you could be that miserable. I wanted to die. I begged my sister to give me an overdose of morphine. She wouldn’t. Instead she pulled me out of the hospital and stuck me in her basement, the only room with a bathroom right there. . . . When I recovered, I’ve hardly ever been depressed. I appreciate every little freedom because I still remember what it was like not to be able to do those things.

Do you appreciate your freedoms right now? I realize you are probably facing problems today, but have you thanked God for the air you breathe and the color of the light on the trees? Don’t forget — there is always more to be thankful for than you might think.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder