You could probably count the number of kids who actually like to visit the dentist’s office on one hand. Usually when a child says he wants to visit the dentist, it’s almost guaranteed something’s wrong. One day, a little boy sat in a dentist’s office with his mother. The dentist called him into a room with a big chair and bright lights, and then he asked, “So you wanted to see me today, Son?”

The little boy said, “Well, not really, Sir. It’s just that today the pain of seeing you is less than the pain I feel in my mouth.”

Sometimes we feel the same way about the painful trials we face in life. We try to carry our burdens on our own until we’re at the breaking point and we can’t tolerate the pain any longer. Then we’re forced to cry out to God for help. This is right where God wants us to be — if only we would come to Him sooner . . . . When the pain of giving up control of our hardships to God is less than the pain of managing them on our own, we will entrust them to God. The sooner we come to this conclusion, the better; because the moment we turn our problems over to Him, we will find peace.

Wouldn’t you rather have peace than go through life worrying about how you’re going to make it through your trials? You can. Just learn to take your co-worker frustrations, family issues, health condition, and financial burdens to the Lord.

It may seem painful to turn your problems over to God at first, but it sure beats the pain of trying to sort through them on your own. Why don’t you take a trip to the Dentist today?

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder