It had to be the prettiest, yet most delicate, flower she had ever seen. A wealthy woman rode through the winding country roads in the back of her posh carriage. Suddenly, she ordered the carriage to stop. Something had caught her eyes. She stepped out of the carriage and examined a flower on the side of the road. Surely this would make a great addition to her  collection.

Reaching down to pluck the flower from its position growing out of a rock, the woman struggled to free it. Strangely, the flower could not be released from its stone prison. She called for her carriage driver’s assistance, but he was also unable to pluck the flower without damaging it. It could not be separated from the rock.

Thousands of miles away off the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, a diver plunged into the sea in search of shellfish. As he scanned the ocean floor a few hundred yards from shore, he came upon a site teeming with scallops, oysters, mussels, and clams, each fixed to a rock or piece of coral. He found those shellfish which were attached to rocks impossible to pry free. The creatures would rather be crushed to death than separated from the rock.

These scenarios illustrate a profound truth: as the flower and the shellfish could not be separated from the rock, so believers cannot be separated from the love of their Savior. Today’s verse indicates the love of Christ is impervious to the extremes of existence — death and life. It is immune to the limits of time — present and future. Finally, it is unaffected by the extremes of distance — height and depth. Nothing can separate us from this rock.

Christian, Jesus loves you, and He died to prove just how much. Are you persuaded that His love is enough to see you through the extremes in your life? Even when you are in a hard place, remember your fate rests in the security of an unshakeable, impenetrable Rock.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.