When God gives a sign, it is unmistakable. At the time of Jesus’ birth, Magi from the east detected a peculiar star in the heavens. The star’s appearance matched the description contained in their ancient manuscripts which foretold a star and a coming king (Numbers 24:17). While the nature of this star is widely debated, it is clear from Scripture that the Magi chose to follow it to the hallowed birthplace of the King of the Jews. As they set off on their journey, the star miraculously led them to Jerusalem and on to Bethlehem, where they found the infant Jesus.

I don’t believe the Magi had to scan the billions of stars in the heavens diligently to find the star to lead them to Jesus. God made the star’s location obvious to them as they engaged in their daily discourse. Once the Magi began their journey, they didn’t have to worry about losing sight of the star and getting themselves lost. God made sure the star was visible as they followed it. The same is true of His will for our lives. That which He desires for us will be unmistakable so we cannot miss it. There is no need for guesswork.

Are you searching for a star of your own? Perhaps you have a relative in poor health, and you want to make the best choice about their treatment. Maybe you have to move, and you want to be sure you are near a good church. It could be that you want to get involved in full-time ministry, but you have no idea when or where God wants you to serve. You have a general idea about your course of action, but the details are still sketchy. Do everything you possibly can, but trust God to make the star plainly visible. He will see to it that you do not miss out on the purpose He has in store for you.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.