An experienced pilot knows that he has no control over all the circumstances surrounding his flight. Take, for instance, weather conditions, cloud density, and visibility. Does he panic every time a storm surfaces? Does he shudder in fear as daylight fades into darkness? No. But he offsets that which he cannot control with effective countermeasures. He checks his radar to navigate in the darkness. He puts the plane on auto-pilot or he flies above the storm. He knows that his controls will help him reach his intended destination without a hassle, but he’ll do whatever it takes to rise above the obstacles. He doesn’t worry about things beyond his control.

Is there an uncontrollable circumstance in your life that is bearing down upon you? Are you having problems with the boss or a co-worker at the job? Maybe your car broke down all of a sudden, and you’re already stretched thin financially. Perhaps you have just experienced a medical emergency. Whatever your situation, take the pilot’s approach and do what you can to rise above it.

The amazing thing about life is that God never brings a circumstance our way without giving us sufficient strength to endure. When life throws you a curveball, God helps you adjust your swing to meet it head on.

Be still and be encouraged because God will work it all out.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.