It was to be the biggest day of his life, and he nearly had an anxiety attack. The panic-stricken young man had been asked to speak at a church camp right before the service started. Rushing over to the pastor’s tent, he said, “Preacher, I’ve been asked to speak, and I have no sermon.”

The preacher said, “Trust the Lord, son. Trust the Lord.” Then the preacher left.

The young man noticed the preacher’s Bible in the tent and searched it intently for any material he could use. As he leafed through the pages, out fell the preacher’s sermon notes. He took them and went on to preach the greatest sermon the people had ever heard. All were astounded — all but the preacher, that is.

“Young man, you preached the sermon I was going to preach tonight! Now what am I going to do?”

The young man replied, “Trust the Lord, preacher. Trust the Lord.”

This might be a humorous story but it does bring home a point. God’s perfect Creation became helpless when man decided to disobey God. Man’s decision put Creation under the curse so that it began the process of entropy and decay. We see the effects of this — death, suffering, disease, and violence — in our world even today.

God intervened. Hope came when God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world. All who believe in Him are assured that one day all of their sufferings on this fallen planet will be made right. They have a confident expectation of someday being free from sin and the sin nature.

If you have hope anchored in Jesus Christ, you can endure anything this day may bring: last-minute changes, confrontations with difficult people, impossible expectations from your boss, financial burdens, or health issues. Just trust Him. He offers an unshakeable hope you can grasp.

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.