Which is more remarkable: the fact of the Magi’s long-distance journey to see Jesus after reading a Jewish prophecy concerning Him, or the fact of the Jewish religious scholars’ ignorance of the same prophecy which had been fulfilled in their own backyard? I would venture to say the latter.

When the elaborate entourage of Magi arrived in Jerusalem to see the child born “King of the Jews,” King Herod was taken by surprise. (Apparently he didn’t read the memo.) On the other hand, the religious leaders of the day knew exactly what the Scriptures had said concerning the Messiah’s birth. When Herod demanded of them where the new king was to be born, they immediately answered, “In Bethlehem of Judaea: for thus it is written by the prophet.” (Matthew 2:5) But for all of their knowledge, they took no action.

Like the Jewish scholars, today’s intellectuals are often the last ones to embrace the truth about Jesus Christ, even though the truth is right under their noses. This is because they are seeking man’s wisdom rather than God’s truth. Man’s wisdom turns its nose up and raises its clenched fist to God. It attempts to reduce the sovereign Creator of the Universe to a comprehensible being who can be dissected and refuted with the powers of logic.

I submit to you that those who believe the Word of God and apply its truth to their lives are the wisest people. God’s truth calls for man to reduce himself to the level of a child and accept the sacrificial payment made by His Son with simple faith. Truly wise people believe in Jesus Christ because they have accepted the Bible’s testimony concerning Him. Wise men still seek Him.

At this time in history, you have unprecedented access to the Word of God through the Internet, mobile phone apps, and computer software. What are you doing about it? Will you ignore the facts it presents about Jesus Christ for the sake of being accepted by “intellectuals,” or will you take them to heart like the Magi? Be a wise person and follow the wise guys today.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.