There are many ways of showing affection, but no one can do this as well as children. A 7-year-old boy wanted to do something special for his mother on her birthday. So he made her coffee, poured it in her favorite mug, and carefully brought it up the stairs into her bedroom. His mother smiled and thanked him.

As she sipped her coffee, the boy’s mother noticed three green, partially-melted Army men at the bottom of the mug. The surprised (and more than a little disgusted) woman called for her son. “Lester, why on Earth did you put Army men in my coffee mug?”

The child said, “Because on TV they said the best part of wakin’ up is soldiers in your cup.” Apparently he wasn’t old enough to understand the Folgers commercial jingle yet.

As a Christian, I would say the best part of waking up is an awareness of my Savior’s love and the daily privilege of serving Him. This brings me great joy. I do not have to strive for love and acceptance because Christ loves me as I am. His unconditional love motivates my service and gives me confidence. His balanced love provides affirmation when I am doing what is right and conviction when I am in the wrong. His selfless love causes Him to liberally pour out His blessings upon me each day. All points of my life are enhanced by the wonderful love of my Savior. His love is more than a fickle sentiment; it is reality.

Knowing that we are loved by God may be one of the few things better than Folgers in our cup. God has His eyes on us and wants to show us His favor. Let us lay aside our regret over the past, our worries about the present, and our fears concerning the future. He loves us no matter what. May our service to Christ be ignited by His love for us and rekindled daily by our love for Him. Let’s determine we will live each day in light of this reality.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.