You never know who God will use to answer your prayers. One day, a woman’s 14-year-old daughter became very sick. The woman rushed to the drugstore to buy medicine, but she was delayed because she locked her keys in the car. Desperate to get home, she tried everything she could to get inside her car. Nothing worked. Then she prayed that God would send someone to help her. She had barely finished praying when she heard a motorcycle engine approaching. It was a large, mean, and tough biker with a black leather vest and faded brown cowboy boots.

The biker parked right beside the woman’s car and hopped off his motorcycle. “What’s the trouble, lady?”

More than a little frightened, the woman rambled nervously, “I . . .  I . . . I . . . well, I was just praying that God would send someone to help me. I have to get in my car so I can get home and give this medicine to my daughter because she’s very sick; but I locked my keys inside, and I’ve tried everything to get the car door open, but it’s stuck. So . . . is there any way you can help me?”

The biker roared with laughter you could have heard a block away. As he took a coat hanger and easily unlocked her door, he said, “Lady, do you know what God sent you? I just got out of prison.”

Regaining her composure, the woman quipped, “Yes, He sent me a professional.”

Sometimes God answers our prayers in a way we didn’t expect. He may send a “professional” who looks or acts different than we expected to meet our needs or bring us encouragement. The person might not be a Christian. Their skin might be a different shade than ours. They might be from a different culture and have a different upbringing than we are used to. Their personality might make us uncomfortable. But God can still use them to touch our lives. Don’t let the person’s external appearance keep you from seeing the blessing of answered prayer. Instead, see their assistance as a display of God’s love toward you, and thank Him.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder