Have you ever wondered how an airplane is able to fly through a fog? It’s very simple. The plane’s instruments allow the pilot to safely navigate regardless of outside visibility. Here are some of the standard flight instruments which make this possible:

  1. Altimeter: shows the aircraft’s altitude above sea-level
  2. Attitude Indicator/Artificial Horizon: shows the aircraft’s angle relative to the horizon below
  3. Airspeed Indicator: shows the aircraft’s speed relative to the surrounding air
  4. Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI, or a Variometer): senses changing air pressure relative to the aircraft’s climb or descent

Christians have been given a flight instrument which enables them to smoothly navigate through the fog of life. It is the Word of God. Like the pilot’s instruments, the Bible skillfully guides Christians through each of their challenging circumstances. They must simply allow it to direct their steps. As they read God’s solution to their dilemmas, they take one step of faith, followed by a step of obedience. Step by step, God leads them through the fog.

Life happens quickly. Though we may try to save enough money to pay off our bills one week, we are busy spending money on home repairs the next. If we are not rushing our kids off to the Emergency Room because of sports injuries, we are bracing for our next doctor’s appointment. Then comes the aftershock — the unexpected bill, the complications arising from our home project, the cost of the ER visit, and the results from the doctor’s tests. The uncertainty of tomorrow and the pressing demands of today threaten to send us into a tailspin. In trying times, we need the Word of God to gently guide us through the fog. It is available for our immediate application — we just have to choose to use it.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.