Today’s Scripture: Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom…Colossians 3:16a

Have you ever watched a cooking show and found your mouth watering because it is almost as though you are in that kitchen with the chef? Well, today I want you to imagine that you are in the home of Mary and Martha in the small town of Bethany, Israel. Hear the people talking and imagine the taste of the fresh food. Smell the aroma of the fresh baked bread, the roasted meat, and the herbs and spices used to season the lentils. Feel the atmosphere as you read Luke 10:38-42.

We may look at this story and see the problem with Martha. We may find fault with Mary. Perhaps some of us have read this story so many times that we simply skim through it. But remember, the people we read about here were just as human as we are. Whether we are reading about Peter, Thomas, Mary, or Martha, they all had their own life problems and spiritual struggles. Their faults and failures were recorded in Scripture not only to help us learn, but also to encourage us in our own Christian walk.

When we read a story in the Bible, it helps if we imagine the sights and sounds that were going on all around. It makes what we are studying come to life when we simply take the time to picture ourselves right there in the middle of it all. It’s like a snapshot from the life of Christ.

While you read through Scripture, put yourself in the shoes of those you are reading about. Apply it to your life in a realistic day to day way. God’s Word is alive. Each story has a purpose. Immerse yourself in what God has set before you, and you may find that there’s a lot more to the story than you ever noticed before.

Devotional by Jim Scudder, Jr.