Today’s Scripture: Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did send me before you to preserve life. Genesis 45:5

It’s November! As the cold air settles in for winter, and you get busy baking pumpkin pie and picking (or hunting) your Thanksgiving turkey, remember to thank God for everything He has given you. Also, take time to read the miraculous stories of the pilgrims. This group of believers endured many hardships to live in liberty. They were the ones who started this marvelous tradition to set aside time specifically to give thanks to God.

Do you know the story of the first Thanksgiving from Squanto’s point of view? Squanto1 was a Native American that was part of a tribe in modern-day Massachusetts. When some early English traders came by his village, he and others went out to trade. These traders, rather than trading with the Indians, took them prisoner to sell them as slaves.

Squanto was sold to a Spanish monk. For years he lived in Spain until he was able to leave for England. There he learned the English language and worked for a man named John Slaney.

John Slaney understood Squanto’s desire to go home, so he promised he would send Squanto back on the next ship bound for America. That proved to be a little while, but eventually Squanto returned home in 16192. It was just over a decade from when he was first sold as a slave.

When Squanto returned home, he had yet another heartbreaking trial. He found out that his entire village was killed by an epidemic. None of his family or friends were alive. He, too, would surely have died if he had not been sold into slavery.

Like Joseph, God had allowed evil to save his life. Trust God to work through your trials. As painful as they are, you are much better off than you would be without them.

Squanto’s story will be continued tomorrow.

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.