When I tell you I built my house from the ground up, I mean it. Early in our ministry, we lived in Palatine, Illinois. We had purchased a plot of land there, and my plans were to build a house on the spot. Because I wanted a strong foundation, I poured the concrete wider than the code required, and then I set up the drywall. It didn’t matter what the house looked like when I was finished. It had been built to last because it had a solid foundation. Not even the big, bad wolf could have blown that house down!

If you look at a structure that has collapsed because of bad weather or decay, in most cases you can trace its weakness to a poor foundation. This is also true of the social structures we have in our world today. Nowhere is decay and collapse more obvious than in our families. Many families are in danger because they have a weak foundation. The devil knows this, and he’s doing everything he can to destroy this structure.

Too many families are standing upon the strength of the husband or wife, and not on their relationship with God. The pressures of life, marriage, and children — which are heavy enough in a “normal” family — suddenly become unbearable when extra pressures like alcohol abuse, drugs, pornography, teen pregnancy, abortion, financial problems, adultery, and gambling are added to a weak foundation.

A family which has been built upon the Word of God is the only one that will survive when the devil attacks. Hardship comes to every family, but a family built upon this strong Foundation will stand firm.

Parents, what are you building your house upon? Building on anything other than the Word of God is like using sawdust for a foundation. It’s good to put your kids in a good school and raise them in a good neighborhood, but are you making their environment your foundation? If you want a strong house, then you need a good foundation. Start with God’s Word, and you won’t end wrong.


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Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder