Today’s Scripture: Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith. Proverbs 15:17

Despite having all the luxuries this world has to offer, many families still find themselves at war with each other everyday. Instead of placing the focus on spending time together, each member of the family is focused on gaining the things of the world. Through their individual pursuits, they neglect to develop love for each other.

The Bible talks about this type of family in Proverbs 15:17. This verse states it is better to be poor and have a dinner of herbs than to be wealthy enough to have an ox in the stall and no peace in the home.

Believers can fall into the snare of only focusing on gaining worldly goods as easily as the unsaved can. Satan wants to see our families fall apart. By getting each of us to only focus on acquiring what society has to offer, he draws the focus away from loving each other and God.

Is your family being pulled in all different directions? As a working dad you may feel too tired to do anything with your family by the time you get home. You may be a young adult who is letting your friends consume all of your attention. Why not figure out what is standing between you and having quality family time? Bring it to the Lord. When you make God the focus of your family, you won’t end up with a stall full of strife.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.