Guest Author

Pastor Neal Dearyan
Senior Pastor – Chili Crossroads Bible Church, Fresno, Ohio

Today’s Scripture: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2¬†Corinthians¬†4:4

Space was a premium in the Buick’s trunk. As we packed for two weeks of tent camping, I left our big air mattress pump at home. I’d be a tough guy and blow them up with my lungs. After all, we had two weeks without pressure and deadlines. What difference did it make if it took 20 minutes to blow up mattresses?

As we set up our tent in Cumberland Falls, Kentucky, a tall man on a neighboring site noticed us setting up our tent. He called me over and showed me the design of his tent. It could be set up in under 2 minutes by one person without stakes. Nice.

He later noticed me huffing and puffing in 85 degree heat to fill our air mattresses. He called our daughter, Amanda, over and gave her an electric mattress pump. I gratefully plugged it in and had all three mattresses filled in 90 seconds.

I gave him a gospel tract when we returned the pump and thanked him for his thoughtfulness.

As we were leaving the next day, I decided to take a couple minutes and see if our neighbor and his wife wanted to do the gospel survey. It’s only 9 questions and takes about 90 seconds.

I asked, “If you were to die today, what percentage chance would you have of going to heaven?” He said, “Nobody can know that because nobody has died and come back from the dead.”

Of course, Jesus has.

I asked, “Why would God let you into heaven?”

He said, “It’s up to Him.”

As far as I could tell, this helpful man and his lovely wife didn’t trust Christ while I was talking with them.

Contact is opportunity. What opportunities can you create in your life to share the gospel? Remember, it’s not your job to get people saved. It’s your job to bring positive attention to the gospel by being a nice person…and share the gospel.

Remember all lost people are blinded by Satan. Don’t get discouraged. Not every person you talk with will trust Christ. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to save people. It’s your job to share the good news that Christ died for our sins and rose again. Let’s do our job and trust that He will do His.