Today’s Scripture: Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee. Psalm 63:3

A man sat down in a crowded restaurant and ordered his food. The food came, but before he started eating, as was his custom, he bowed his head. He quietly thanked the Lord for his provision. When he finished his prayer, he looked up and noticed that a man sitting close by was staring at him.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Do you have a headache?”

“No, I’m just fine.”

“Well, is there something wrong with your food?”

“No, I was thanking the Lord for providing the food.”

The second man retorted, “Oh you’re one of those. You know, I work for my food by the sweat of my brow, so, I just dig right in.”

The first man replied, “So does my dog.”

Why shouldn’t we stop and thank the Lord? Jesus thanked the Father and recognized His goodness, abundance, and provision. I learned as a child that whether we were at home, or we were at a restaurant, to thank the Lord for my food. Some may think it is embarrassing to pray over food in public. I think it is quite the opposite. In fact, I believe it is a great testimony to recognize that God has blessed us and provided us with food.

One of the main secrets that can change your life as a Christian is thankfulness. What an incredible difference it makes! Every day is a day that you should be thanking the Lord. Don’t be ashamed to show gratitude to Him in public. Whether you fear being labeled as “one of those” or fear being mocked, recognize that even on your worst day, you are incredibly blessed. Be thankfully unashamed for all God has done for you.

Devotional by Jim Scudder, Jr.