Today’s Scripture: Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all. Psalms 34:19

What would happen if you tried jumping into a pool of ice? One thing’s for sure—you wouldn’t make much of a splash. It would be more like a painful thud. Do you ever think about what makes water so hard when it freezes? It’s the temperature that makes the difference.

The amount of truth we gain from our hardships and sufferings has a lot to do with the temperature of our hearts. I’m not talking about being warm or cold-blooded. I’m referring to our attitude toward these difficult circumstances. Far too often our hearts are like frozen water when it comes to letting God teach us.

If you apply enough pressure to ice, it shatters, but water keeps its pliable nature. Our hearts should be like water when we’re going through life’s difficulties. God’s greatest education is gained through the law of suffering. Blessings will follow when we make up our minds to learn and grow from each hardship.

You may say, “But, Pastor, I’m a good person. Why am I going through all this suffering?” I can’t tell you why God has allowed suffering in your life, but I can tell you it’s for your good. Sometimes God allows good people to go through suffering to make them better. He may be doing that in your life. Regardless of God’s motive behind your difficulties, make up your mind you’re going to learn from them. Thank God for your brokenness, and in the midst of your heartache and pain, you’ll find His richest blessings.

Thank you, Lord, for chastening. Whatever You’re trying to teach me, help me to learn it well.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder