Today’s Scripture:┬áSo then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16

Once upon a time, there was a prince who had been cast under a spell under which he was only permitted to say one word a year. Not long after the spell had been cast, he met a lovely young lady. His fascination in her was immediate. Oh, if only he could tell her! But, what could be conveyed using only one word? He spent days in her presence unable to speak. As the months wore on, he decided that he would save up his words for three years so that he could say, “I love you.” He soon realized he wanted to marry her and decided that he must wait seven years so that he could say, “I love you, will you marry me?” At the end of those seven long years, he took her to the palatial gardens. As they sat beneath the moonlight, she stared softly at him with her deep blue eyes, and tossed her golden hair. In that moment, he asked her the question he had been harboring for seven long years. The response of the lovely young lady was, “Pardon?” Oh, how cruel the curse of love! But even worse…is the curse of lovelessness.

Of course you know I do not believe in fairytales, but there are moments when they can nicely captivate one’s attention. And sometimes, you have to make up words like “lovelessness” to communicate your thoughts. All frivolity aside, yesterday, we considered how we should treat our first love. Today, I want us to think about how lovelessness affects our Christian lives if left unchecked. The reason being is that it is so easy to procrastinate in the Christian life. We have bills to pay, people to please, and dinner to get on the table. Often, fixing a spiritual problem ends up last on the list, even though it is first on God’s list.

Imagine for a moment that you had a wonderfully warm cup of coffee; half an hour later, you reach for it, take a big swig, and alas, you are greeted with a lukewarm monstrosity. What once was appetizing and satisfying is now sickening. Paul was writing to the seven churches of Asia, praising a few and correcting the rest. Of all seven churches, the one that he most harshly rebuked was the church of Laodicea. This congregation literally made the Lord sick. Their spiritual apathy consumed them to the point that they were nothing more than a decent looking shell of a church. On the inside they were perhaps even worse than the world and were more than content to simply float through life.

All too often, we are tempted to do the same. Our desire to win souls begins to lessen, our desire to attend church grows weak, and our focus on what is truly important becomes blurred. It is a big deal when you leave your first love, and you no longer have a passionate love for your Savior. Why? It will affect every area of your life. Set aside some time today to consider how your relationship with your Heavenly Father has or has not developed within the past several months. Are you under the curse of lovelessness?

Devotional by; Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.