Today’s Scripture: And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:19

There once was a fisherman who was very, very well prepared for fishing. He knew how to fish, watched all the fishing shows on TV, and was very well equipped. He had all the poles, reels, and lines set on the reels. He had a tackle box for one type of species and another tackle box for another species. He had nets and a beautiful boat. He was well educated and well prepared, but he never caught a fish. Why? His boat never left the dock; he never went fishing.

Some Christians are the same way. They learned the gospel, took evangelism classes, read every book they had ever found on the subject, loaded their pockets with gospel tracts, listened to sermons and testimonies about people witnessing, but they have never once shared the gospel.

Many Christians don’t even get as far as the previous example. They never consider sharing the gospel; they leave that up to the preachers. Some are “waiting for the right time.” Some are worried they won’t know how to answer a person’s questions. Some just convince themselves that whenever somebody dies they’re in a better place.

Whatever the reasons we may have for not sharing the gospel, we are doing as much good as the fisherman who never went fishing. Do you know what happens to a believer who doesn’t share the gospel? He misses out on the single most important task which God has given to every believer. Not only will souls spend an eternity in Hell because of our selfishness, but we will miss out on the incredible blessings in our own life.

Although our old nature only cares about self, our new nature desires to see others trust Christ. When we don’t witness, we suffer from a lack of purpose. This often leads people to think their life is worthless. There is a real quick way to add purpose to your life. Leave the dock and go fishing for men.

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.