Today’s Scripture: But Martha was cumbered about with much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? Bid her therefore that she help me. Luke 10:40

In the modern vernacular, Martha is on a mission. Someone has left the refrigerator door open. The pot on the stove is boiling over. She reaches for a pan…too small…then reaches for another, and they all fall on the ground. Martha is about to lose it – she’s hot and sweaty, her hair is a mess, she’s trying to do ten things at once and prepare the perfect meal for Jesus.  She is so aggravated that her sister Mary is doing nothing but sitting at the feet of Jesus listening intently to every word He says. In her frazzled state-of-mind she complains to Jesus, “My sister is not helping me make perishable food to feed perishable bodies because she is sitting here with You absorbing things that will last forever…Why are You letting her do that? How absurd!”

“Cumbered about” in Luke 10:40 literally means, “to drag around”. Martha was obsessed with making sure this was a perfect meal and everything was idyllic. Even before HGTV, Pinterest, and the “perfect” social media life, Martha was pulled in every direction trying to do it all.

Before we get high and mighty, we must consider that we have all told God what He should think, what He should do, how we have been wronged and what He needs to do to fix it. When we are stressed and not focused on serving out of love for Christ, we can say and do the dumbest things just like Martha did when she asked, “Lord dost thou not care?” Of course, He cared. Jesus would have been happy with humus and pita bread. He was there to spend time and give of Himself.

Jesus answered Martha in compassion and gently snapped her out of her frazzled state. God does not want us to live our lives always worried, troubled and stretched until we blurt out something to our spouse, children, or coworkers that truly hurts.

Today, why not make it a point to spend daily time in the Word? Put aside whatever is taking away your time from Jesus and set your focus on Him.

Devotional by Jim Scudder, Jr.