Today’s Scripture: Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, Romans 12:6a

There was once a group of animals who decided to start a school. An eagle, a rabbit, a squirrel, and a duck all enrolled in the school. This school decided they were going to have different curriculums including swimming, running, climbing, and flying.

To make the school simpler to run, they decided to make everyone take all of the classes. The duck, of course, was great at swimming class. It excelled beautifully, always getting great grades in swimming.

The duck also did well in flying. It could certainly fly and even fly fast, but it wasn’t graceful in flying at all. It had a few problems in the class, but it consistently got good grades in flying.

When the duck went to running class, it had possibly the worse grades ever. It just did terribly. Those running the school decided to remove the duck from the swimming and flying classes so it could really focus on running.

When the duck went through its classes, it began to injure its feet because they were not designed for running. The next thing you know, it finished school, never excelled in running, and its feet were hurt so badly it could hardly even swim anymore. You can imagine the stories of the other animals who went to this school.

God has gifted and graced us in certain areas. When we were born, we obtained natural gifts. When we were born again, we received spiritual gifts. We are all gifted in specific areas in which God wants us to excel.

When you are faithful in small things, God will reveal the areas with which He has gifted you. The Body of Christ is a bunch of people with a bunch of talents coming together as one. The church should be aware of and look for the strengths of individuals, and then it should plug people into those areas. This is an important reason why we ought to be active in a local church.

If you have trusted Christ, you are part of the Body of Christ. Get involved!

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.