Today’s Scripture: But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. RomansĀ 5:8

How far does love go? It goes far enough to make a difference. Love doesn’t sit idly by; it works. It gives itself for others. It doesn’t matter what the cost is; love will sacrifice.

As we think about the freedoms we enjoy, think where we would be if no one was willing to sacrifice for our country. No matter how patriotic the civilians are in this nation, if no one is willing to die for our country, we won’t last very long. Whether it be for our country, our family, or our faith, it is only when we are willing to sacrifice everything, that we can truly show our love.

Christ loved us so much – even when we were enemies of God, He died for us. He knew the only thing that could save us from Hell was a perfect sacrifice given in our place. He came with the sole purpose to die for our sins so we could spend eternity in Heaven with Him. He didn’t come to show us the way – He came to be the way. There was nothing we could do, so He did it all. He didn’t hold anything back.

As Christians, I ask you, “Do you love God?” Think about what that entails. How far are you willing to go for Him? Are you giving yourself wholly to God, or are you holding back certain things? Are you willing to do whatever He says no matter what, or are you relying on your own wisdom? Are you willing to share the gospel with those around you, or are you afraid of what others will think? Are you happy just to sit on the sidelines, or are you willing to get in the fight?

We need to be reminded of the sacrifices that come from true love. Remember the sacrifices that many men and women have made for your freedoms in this country. Remember the sacrifice Christ made for your soul. Determine to show your love today by giving God everything you’ve got.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.