Today’s Scripture: …I go to prepare a place for you. John 14:2b

The skies were clear and blue with a refreshing breeze in the air—the perfect day for a boat ride on Lake Michigan. My family and I were enjoying each other’s company when out of nowhere, the sky grew dark. We were far enough out that we could barely see land. Gail force winds quickly caught the jib and knocked our boat over.

In the midst of the thunder and lightning, we were all trying to hold on for dear life, when my father yelled to my mother and everyone with us, “Don’t touch anything metal!” That’s something you never want to hear the captain say! Water was flooding the cockpit, but, by the grace of God, I was able to get under water and release the jib. The boat went back to being upright, and we eventually made it back to shore.

You may feel confused, frustrated, and shocked because you’re facing a huge life storm right now. Friend, nowhere in the Bible does it say the Christian life will be without trouble. In fact, it tells us to not be surprised when storms come. The One in whom we believe faced worse trials and tribulations than we could possibly comprehend. Who are we as His servants to be surprised when we face hardship in this life?

This is when the second promise can be our comfort: “I go to prepare a place for you”. I believe this portion of John 14:2 means: “I am going to the cross to prepare a way for you to be with Me in Heaven.” When you’re feeling an overwhelming sense of fear, picture a fiery gulf separating Heaven and earth that is bridged by an old rugged cross. Christ loved you enough to bridge that impossible gap by giving His life. You have a connection straight to Him every moment of every day. The same One who saved you from hell can pilot your ship during your most difficult storms.

Devotional by Jim Scudder, Jr.