New spiritual life always begins with a look to Jesus Christ. As a snowstorm painted the English countryside white, young Charles made his way to church. Enough snow had fallen to keep him from going any further, so he turned onto a side street and stopped at a Primitive Methodist chapel.

12–15 people had gathered for the morning service, but the pastor did not show. In the preacher’s absence, one of the church laymen walked over to the pulpit and began to preach in broken English. The text he used was Isaiah 45:22a, “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth.”

The stand-in preacher explained the text as well as he could, taking all of ten minutes. Then he looked at Charles and said, “Young man, you look very miserable, and you will always be miserable — miserable in life and miserable in death — if you do not obey my text. But if you obey now, this moment, you will be saved.”

These few words penetrated Charles’ heart, and at that moment he put his faith in Jesus Christ. This marked a dramatic turning point in this 16-year-old’s life, for soon he began preaching on his own. He went on to pastor one of England’s largest and most famous churches, leading untold thousands to faith in Christ. His full name was Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Only God knows the spiritual potential a person has at the moment he or she trusts in Jesus Christ as Savior. But there can be no spiritual potential without a response to an invitation. In other words, someone like you has to share the good news of Christ with a person before they can respond in faith and experience the power of God in their life.

Encourage others to look to Jesus in faith so they will find new spiritual life. Invite them to trust in Him instead of trusting in their own goodness. Challenge them to believe in Christ now instead of putting it off or trying to straighten out their lives without Him. Above all, make the gospel invitation clear — you never know when you might be speaking to the next Charles Spurgeon.


The next person with whom you share your faith could become a great witness for Jesus Christ. Prepare yourself to win them with this effective evangelism method.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.