In a society filled with godless behavior and blatant rejection of the truth of the gospel, it is easy to become reserved about our faith. Intimidated by the world, we tend to hide the eternal hope which lies within us. Rather than sharing the message of salvation with a lost and dying world, we allow fear to overtake our service to the Savior.

Instead, we must be bold because we possess the clear gospel of grace. Jesus Christ died on the cross, paying the debt for all our sins. Rising from the grave, He triumphed over death and the devil. His redemptive work on Calvary provides eternal salvation fully and freely to all who believe. All we must do to be saved forever is place our trust in Him and His sinless sacrifice, which paid the debt we could never pay.

Although the devil is seeking to make God’s children too frightened to be fearless, we can stand strong in the clear gospel. Join us at our 6th annual Grace Conference as we seek to serve Christ in courageous service under grace. To register for this year’s conference or find out more information, visit