Today’s Scripture: Where there is no vision, the people perish… Proverbs¬†29:18a

Have you ever spent time with someone who has so much vision that it just gets you excited about life? Bob Steele was a dear friend of mine who went to be with the Lord back in December. This man had such a heavenly perspective that just being with him would get me all excited about eternity. Always looking at the world through the perspective of soul-winning, he would get so fired up about leading one person to Christ.

Bob clearly had a vision that directed his life. As a result, his testimony was a challenge to all those around him. So often, we go about our daily lives worried about our co-workers crummy comments, our paycheck, our responsibilities at home, and our uncertain future. We neglect to remember where we need to keep our eyes. I think half of the time we are too busy covering them with our hands out of fear and frustration.

Friends, without vision we will not make it. We will burn out or rust out because without a heavenly perspective, we will see no reason to press on through the hard times. A person once asked Helen Keller, “What’s worse than being blind?” Her reply was, “Having sight without a vision.” For believers, vision is awareness of our purpose from God. It is thinking about what Heaven will be like, getting fired up enough to go share it with the lost, and purposing in our heart to let nothing distract us from what God has called us to do.

If you’ve got a vision to serve the Lord, there is nothing you can’t do. Bob was just an ordinary mechanic-nothing special by the world’s standards. But looking through Heaven’s eyes, he is a hero and will be one for all eternity. When he walks those streets of gold, I bet he has countless people who can’t help but throw their arms around him and say, “Thank you for leading me to the Lord!”

You would be surprised at what GOD can do with YOUR vision to serve Him. GOD has a purpose just for YOU. There are people He puts in YOUR path whose lives YOU can change if YOU just open YOUR eyes long enough to see with true vision. Choose today to uncover YOUR eyes!

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder